“The experiment made me realize I would feel uncomfortable having someone choose my clothes for me”

March 29th, 2018

I did an experiment in the company of four girls on a Sunday afternoon. Four girls who already have a well defined style and are reluctant to try new clothes. I also suggested make-up, the kind they would never wear on a daily basis, and clothes that they would never choose or match.

After grabbing some photos with them, I wanted to find out about their comfort-discomfort line when it comes to clothing.


The comfort of Cosmina’s clothes

“My story it’s a little bit different, because I have recently lost a lot of weight and I have consequently changed my style and the way I see clothes. When I weighed 200 pounds, I bought everything that hid my belly, arms, and hips, basically my entire body. Now, I completely threw away my whole wardrobe. I just kept some old clothes, those that I had inherited from my mom. After this break up from a mountain of clothes built over the years, I started crying and I cannot say that it was an easy thing to give up.

Comfort means sexy clothes, even skin tight I would say, not in a vulgar way but in a way that reveals elegance, a slim and toned body. I search for beauty and when I find it I’m like a fish in the water.

My choices are minimalist, clothes without complexities, just simple, elegant, and classical. I enjoy colors, but you will never see me wearing more than three in a daily outfit. I’m careful with what I choose from my wardrobe, everything must be matched. I love to wear pastels in the summer but not in the winter. I also really love wearing dresses and skirts, as I always have.”

The discomfort

“I’m reluctant to wear plastic, spandex fabrics, because you end up sweating and can get rashes. I would never, ever wear a ruffle skirt or dress, although I have learned to never say never. I also can’t stand jeans that look like tights, pleated skirts, over sized items, and sharp-tipped shoes are my nightmare.

I feel uncomfortable when it seems to me that clothes do not match. Matching clothes for me is like religion. If I start having doubts, I will overthink the outfit and then I’ll be fussing all day. “I should have grabbed a different blouse, the color of my shoes is not ok, this bra matches a different shirt and so on. Briefly, it’s like a horror movie to me.”

The experiment regarding the comfort-discomfort line in clothing

“The line between comfort and discomfort is always there in your head, and my brain’s perception about this experiment was good, I think. I mean, I know I was nervous at first and maybe dramatic but in the end the outfits and the makeup were unusual, exciting. However, the experiment made me realize I would feel uncomfortable having someone choose my clothes for me, because I am moody and I tend to choose my outfits around the way I feel right then and there.”

Photo credit: Simona Petrica, Make-up: Ra Luca