“Some patterns, volumes, colors and shapes actually fit in an unexpected way (…)”

April 12th, 2018

I did an experiment in the company of four girls on a Sunday afternoon. Four girls who already have a well defined style and are reluctant to try new clothes. I also suggested make-up, the kind they would never wear on a daily basis, and clothes that they would never choose or match.

After grabbing some photos with them, I wanted to find out about their comfort-discomfort line when it comes to clothing.


The comfort of Mada’s clothes.

Mada associates comfort with a routine of wearing the clothes she prefers.

“My mom was always buying me a lot of clothes and I had a classy style. My interest in fashion is quite recent. I realized that some clothes can have a positive impact and they can change my mood. I’m now open to colors, fabrics and brands, as long as the clothes make my body look good. Lately I have discovered the creative process of a garment, I have visited studios, vintage fairs, concept stores, and I have learned about the meaning of details and about authenticity. I’m also happy that my mom has recently decided to follow her passion and she has picked up tailoring. Sometimes I show her pictures from magazines, we talk about some designs and how she can implement them. I also choose clothes that match my passions: riding, hiking, climbing and snowboarding. Having quality equipment is important when practicing sports. I mainly look for good fabrics and high tech products, as opposed to design.

I don’t have any clothes that I wouldn’t give up, apart from some jewelry items that have special meaning for me. Occasionally, I donate clothes that I don’t wear anymore, and I end up having no regrets.”

The discomfort

“I feel discomfort when it comes to spending high amounts of money on clothes just because they belong to a certain brand. A garment has to be worth more than a logo placed on it or the fact that it’s being worn by some public figures.”

The experiment regarding the comfort-discomfort line in clothing

“During your experiment, I felt like I was in a play. I was on a stage, changing into different characters and playing a role in front of your camera. You were like a kid who had found some dolls to dress and to make-up. I was happy to join in. I trust your clothing experience, and you have often shown me that some patterns, volumes, colors and shapes actually fit in an unexpected way, that vintage clothes still have a story to tell and that it’s good to give up my old clothes that do not fit me anymore.

The clothes you chose for me didn’t make me uncomfortable and I would wear them in the right context. The only strange part for me was you taking photos,  because I don’t like to pose and I don’t consider myself a photogenic person.”

Photo credit: Simona Petrica. Make-up: Raluca Bulmezea