“We are different for a reason, and I would never risk my passion for fashion to satisfy some strangers”


July 23th, 2019


I saw Jupiter for the first time at Atlas, in Mission District, but I didn’t have the courage to talk to her. A few months later I saw her again in the same place, and asked without hesitation whether I could write about her and her relationship with clothing. Here’s Jupiter’s story.

When did you discover your passion for clothing?

I’ve been interested in fashion since I was in middle school. At that time, I didn’t have access to clothes, I was wearing a uniform, and extra things that made me feel uncomfortable.

In high school, I started to have the courage to explore and experiment styles, colors, fabrics, hairstyles and accessories. My style became solid in college, because I chose back then to wear clothes that made me feel good, inspired. I was dressing to express myself. At that time, I was in love by pop culture. I loved to stay online and I was following  online fashion shows, films, TV shows and music videos. I was quiet and shy, without knowing that fashion could be loud, until I discovered Lady Gaga. For me, her fashion was extravagant, flamboiant, very in your face, very queer. I related so much with her image. That’s how I felt in love of clothes. 

How do you make decisions regarding your outfits?

I grew up in Los Angeles, in a conservative and very religious family. For instance, my parents grew  up in a completely different generation than mine. To them, expressing yourself through clothing was very unusual. I have had many discussions with them regarding clothing, especially when I was shopping at the women’s section. I have told them that I love women, and I am a woman myself too. Women’s clothes are more complex, more fun, and you can do endless mixes with your outfits. My parents have told me that I needed to think about my future, about my career, about how people were gonna think about me. 

I’ve had moments with a lot of pressure, but I don’t want to dress the way society thinks I should dress.  About decisions… I feel that during college, when my parents weren’t around anymore, I started to know myself better. I was responsible for my own decisions – what to eat daily, how to spend my time, what kind of friends I should choose, etc. This new routine made me take my decisions more seriously. 

I blend my gender and my sexuality into fashion. Fashion is my art. Some people paint, some people play. To me, fashion is my paintbrush, and my body is my canvas. Fashion is how I present myself to the world, how I perform, how I feel something, and how I am something. 

How do you find your inspiration regarding clothing?

People have told me that I move my body with a lot of care, but I’ve never noticed that. It’s just that sometimes I’m so calm and relaxed that I just go with the flow. This calm helps me receive inspiration from art, paintings, plays, films, classical music, and nature. I try to take care of my mind and my body. It’s the same about clothing. I dedicate time to them. I’m always looking for vintage items, I’m looking for pieces of clothing that have a history, because I want a dress, blouse, or a pair of pants to have a personality. So many people have worn them in places or situations, that I can feel their energy. 

My style of clothing is elegant, classy. I’m still inspired by my Mexican routes. Mexican cinema has had a Golden Age. I have flashes from my childhood, being mesmerized by beautiful actresses with beautiful gowns. Also, by their radiant and chic attitude. Because of Mexican cinema, music, TV shows, or Lady Gaga, I value what I put on my body. I wanna know who made an item, what it means to that designer. If a dress is just a dress, I’d rather not wear it.

Everything that I have in my closet, I am 100% sure about it. Because I worked at Buffalo Exchange as a buyer, I am able to select good quality items, and I have the experience to create unusual mixes. Also, I’m picky when it comes to fabrics.  

What about the people around you? What kind of reactions do you receive about the way you dress?

Now that I’m connected to the real world and I’m getting on the bus, on the train, or that I’m walking on the street, I’ve become more aware and conscious about reactions. It takes a lot of courage and bravery to just be myself, and be different. I am not scared of looks or laughs. I don’t care about that. I care about violence, physical contact with my body. 

I’m often dealing with people and their reactions, their curiosity about me and the way I live my life. Some of their reactions are positive, some of them are negative. But I want to say something. They can learn to expand their minds. Life is complex, and we are different. Now we have access to information. Now there’s more genders, sexualities. Now, there’s a million ways to express yourself. 

Why the judging? Maybe, some of them feel very insecure about themselves. Maybe some of them grew up in a conservative house, surrounded by conservative friends. I do take that into consideration and I try not to blame people for their ideas, reactions. I expect the same from them. I will hate myself if I am intimidated or fearful in the future. I want to express myself and be me. 

Do you have any advice for the people that admire bold clothing, but don’t have the courage to wear it?

We live in the age of social media. We get access to online archives, magazines, cultural events, publications. You can easily find around people that can inspire the way you dress. 

It’s an interesting time to witness each other. One click away, you can see another kid’s life, and what’s he’s wearing in London, Paris, or Germany. You just need to go for it. Who’s stopping you? There should be no one standing between you and whatever you want to wear. At the end of the day, only you will feel your thoughts, your emotions. I don’t know why people are so concerned about what I wear, because they don’t pay my bills, my food, my rent. They are not my parents, and they are not providing an education for me. Find your courage, that brave part of you, and bring it in out. If people are curious about your clothes, take that as a compliment. 

We are different for a reason, and I would never risk my passion for fashion to satisfy some strangers. 

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